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Intelligent manufacturing plants to the tailored home appliance still far?In today s gift industry, gift bags custom employee benefits become the preferred, do not break in the practical class, in the class without the high cost, and more widely used in gifts customized industry, to virtually the brand image promotion, let more people know company brand logo.
Hand-painted photos eyes absorption, M Big gold wedding photos when it meets cold also can hand draw?In addition, the only American coume will be able to order from the company 3 d printing peonalized gold jewelry, Shapeways company also commitment to the user in the two months of the product after the commissioning, the market will be use to conduct a compreheive sales, price is not cheap, 25Look from the century kaiyuan customization platform custom market in ChinaCustom mobile phone charm here, not just say it is another way in the development of mobile phones and other reaso, the reason is that it can keep the cell phone can be more rich, more highlight your unique temperament, and custom private mobile phone the money spent is not high also, and basically you directly buy a mobile phone is almost the same amount of money.
Many scenic spot because think cost cost is too big, too dispute on commemorative gifts advertising investment, and advertising this stuff is much more net big fish, from the fit scenic spots customized advertising commemorative gifts, after a lot of scenic spots are affected by its scramble to custom, because they see the value of the advertising commemorative gifts, commemorative meaning in the Angle of the passenge is memorial place, and the scenic itself, is the value of advertising.
Customized gifts can have very good publicity effect, with a corporate logo and corporate information, customized gifts were given use can enhance his impression of the enterprise, is the gift to carry and use can have the effect of mobile advertising, more in the right places must be customized gifts.
Custom enough individual character, but poor product, therefore, rich products and customized peonality of these two elements are ieparable, peonalized gift must have a Was born as people coumption idea of industry, is the demand of The Times, is the development trend of advocating peonality, have to admit that peonalization gifts gifts will be the industry s most influential business model.
We have learned, jewelry, gifts, clothing, footwear, furniture, interior decoration, car decoration and other industries are likely to take the lead to achieve the 3 d online custom service mode.
Custom designed for the specific needs of coume and wine body, full of strong individual character color, also have commemorative collection value, gradually become a market trend.
Shenzhen friend macro technology co.
, LTD is a high-tech company focus on technology, is committed to Zen, is to get the enlightenment, the practice is to do these.
Economists will before and after the holiday gifts called By channeling jewelry choice grade - carat ANTWERP STAR (STAR of ANTWERP) series, for example, the fit piece is red STAR line in Belgium museum permanent collection.
Property of gift choice: in recent yea, housing prices are rising, housing prices and people s income gap is more and more big, everyone wants to have a belong to oneself of house, but increasingly high house prices make people, so many real estate companies, when opened, will make bleeding in the world, how many square mete at a discount, buy or have bought a house with friends or relatives to have gifts to send, so the real estate enterprise to gift is want to broken head, actually the property of gift is also very good choice, we must fit clear the company s budget, this is the most important, the choice of gift to conform to the company s budget, in the circumstance of economic recession, large-scale activities, try not to do not waste money, according to the price range points, advertising promotional gifts for the real estate industry: 1.
The high-end gifts.
Maintain a strong advantage in the fierce market competition, with strong gift elements, and rose to become the most practical gifts, favored by the market and customer high praise.