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Peonalization changes the traditional industry supply chainBatch supply delicate food custom Box Box for the customer.
At present, hefei intelligent manufacturing has been formed from the core components manufacturing to the application of industry system, a number of intellectual property does not have significant breakthrough of intelligent manufacturing equipment, such as hefei intelligent machinery research ititute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gigantic one of leading research ititutes and enterprises such as automation, has been formed intelligent manufacturing research and development, design coulting, core equipment manufacturing, itallation, debugging, system integration, engineering cotruction investment operation of the whole industry chain, such as industrial system, and in this list, will also join hfut intelligent manufacturing technology research ititute, and tsinghua univeity, hefei ititute of public safety.
Gifts customized peonality developmentMany enterprises have to take this opportunity to strengthen customer brand of undetanding and memory of the company, so as to achieve the win-win purpose.
Hold the anniveary celebrationThese items must identify sex cultural elements into the enterprise is in, the gift with both a strong practicality and aesthetics, can be a very good enterprise culture tramitted to each take part in the celebration of the guests, let everyone get this gift can strengthen the memory of the brand, such enterprises can achieve their celebration activities, realize the synchronous tramission of enterprise and brand.
This custom is skyworth marketing testing the wate of new age, it will give the user the infinite creativity and imagination space, make the TV in the Internet age, family became the center of self-expression, family, love.
Many companies are Chinese gift webex Accept the all-around eye cream amway, delicate pig girl shall, according to the SNP love thin bird s nest firming eye cream, a good eye cream to cry.
Choose the girl day this day online Pisces flowe gift box, because in the zodiac, only the most can represent the Pisces girl has a dream.
How to plan a good goodies for online time?With this baby, let your child looked up at the sky for hou is not a problem, don t tie the child s curiosity, give his electronic scree outside of the real world!Fifth, daily cleaning and maintenance is simple;This way is not directly linked to product sales, it is easier to cause the waste of the enterprise, therefore, according to the plan will be distributed promotional gifts and effective to target groups, so as to achieve the brand publicity purpose is very important.
Husband and wife birthday gifts promote feelings of husband and wife, strengthen the relatiohip and send each other love and best surprised each other gifts.
To sum up, through the planning design, can improve business gifts giving effect, standardize procurement procedures, can control the cost of business gifts, both, to achieve real see of cheap and fine business gifts.