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Three, raw materials, the most complex peonality customization way if the customer need to start from the raw materials for gift custom, this mea that the difficulty of the production difficulty and redesign of the product is basically about, if the gift itself structure is more complicated, the material used is a lot of more phyletic, it requires a longer production cycle, more complex production process, and sometimes change of raw materials of the original gift design more complexity to the proportion of new gift design, but now this way of gift custom is mainly used for improving the quality of the original gift.
Become more mature business gifts custom servicesWill China gift webex Such as enterprise propaganda messages, pictures can be printed on all kinds of daily necessities, made its own exclusive gift, no matter to relatives, friends, lover, or are more heart.
It has been proved that the cooperation is a pleasant and successful, launched a private studio and nervous system to more custome customized service of diamond engagement ring.
Come on, let the time into the popular science.
They have strong thit for knowledge, pay attention to the importance of hard;Chinese New Year gifts to choose what good?3, every time gifts to their elde, invite children to join together, on the other hand, parents in the child s birthday or holiday gifts to have sincere thanks to children.
3, three-dimeional plane of the page, which is different from traditional books open pop-up books every page might be pleasantly surprised, by the three-dimeional paper art such as manual, three-dimeional library implements the interaction between people and the book, tells the story more vivid.
By channeling jewelry choice grade - carat ANTWERP STAR (STAR of ANTWERP) series, for example, the fit piece is red STAR line in Belgium museum permanent collection.
Testing products for old people can purchase electronic blood pressure, blood glucose meter and other products.
The British don t accept gifts to the British high value of gifts, gift if the price is higher, is will be mistaken for a bribe, send a senior chocolate, a bottle of wine or two flowe, can get the love of the people who receive them, but should pay attention to, it is best not to send with corporate gift tags.
Give people gifts on their birthday fit to undetand each other s interest, but sometimes people worry for collective birthday party: they don t know what to send to those who are not very familiar with, so give a peon invited to explain about the gift items, when the guest if you do not do according to the requirement of the host is not polite to the host and other guests, give adults birthday gift just to express his mind, need not be expeive, like a bouquet of flowe, a few books, homemade cookies or a beautiful card and so on.
Present how to attract coume to Gifts should be combined and corporate culture, the choice of successful enterprise annual meeting to achieve the following results: 1, better dissemination enterprise brand culture.
Donee application of euphemism, polite language, suggest to youelf to the donor to accept each other gifts, for example, when the direction of his mobile phone as a birthday gift, can inform:For a long time, practical gifts are the maitream of the corporate welfare gifts, tooTrucking chang, silk, now, the old traditional Chinese silk culture Renaissance again.
Good planning of a targeted and reasonable promotion solution, can make gift company stand out.