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Three, raw materials, the most complex peonality customization way if the customer need to start from the raw materials for gift custom, this mea that the difficulty of the production difficulty and redesign of the product is basically about, if the gift itself structure is more complicated, the material used is a lot of more phyletic, it requires a longer production cycle, more complex production process, and sometimes change of raw materials of the original gift design more complexity to the proportion of new gift design, but now this way of gift custom is mainly used for improving the quality of the original gift.
Everybody may have a concept of peonality presents, it is DIY, is can be customized according to the requirements of their want images and text, peonality customization concept of cotantly updated with a gift now, having a significant impact on our lives, with 80, 90 Internet use increase, after shopping people more and more, more promoted the development of the peonality of gift industry, when you found the previous gift gift already cannot satisfy the peonalized needs, customized gifts is ushered in the opportunity of development, this kind of gift can contain emotional appeal, make gift relatiohip more harmonious.
At the same time, the glass is customized to actually use value and cultural connotation, deeply.
Gifts can custom into the next profit growth point?There are quite a few cup pot manufacture, according to the financial data of gifts customized market open a door for cup pot of enterprises.
6 degrees tipsy, low-alcohol rice wine to drink out of the deep friendship too few to allow women to choose wine, white wine degree is high, the beer into not into the atmosphere, the wine to drink not to spoil, ok, now this 6 degrees Especially red broken tea, black tea should be brewed in glass teapot, make tea more attractive.
Royal orchid gifts.
The unique series of October 17 national onlineDepression and indulgence, calm and crazy, tradition and taboo, and the stand, color and empty, is also not.
Walnuts contain protein, vitami and minerals and other nutrients needed for the growth of human body, walnut contai substances such as fatty acids, amino acid and linolenic acid, can provide important nutrients to the growth of the brain, so a lot of pregnant women from prepare pregnant start began to eat walnuts, hope to have a health smart baby.
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Three, blooming flowe, blue and white porcelain vases, blue and white porcelain (blue and white porcelain), also known as the white ground blue and white porcelain, often referred to as At this age, the elderly and children are tee, extra care for the elderly at ordinary times, and there was a special birthday to break the law, namely the children buy live carp as a birthday present for the old man eat, jumping the carp, as well as eat carp, will jump that way, should obtain safety and health.
How to choose the gift must apologizeChinese gift webex For a long time, practical gifts are the maitream of the corporate welfare gifts, tooWith orange package dragon-boat festival gifts, books from the founding and emotional interpretation for the coumer, the new, surprising, stand out, the style, successful capture urban gifts s got talent