In November this year, the national flower porcelain xifeng liquor cooperate with Oriental home building materials square, launched the fit national flower porcelain xifeng liquor culture custom pavilion, coume can independently design or add including bottle, the bottle design, font, and the declaration of life want to impress them, peonality image elements, such as fully embody the concept of private ordering.
Current Project Ara website has been officially accepted to apply for, if you are a interested in the Project develope, will have the opportunity to the development of Project Ara phones, although relatively open application mode, but in the end only a few people can be drafted by Google, according to the display of the page, the more divee your experience, module concept is good, then you are invited to participate in the development of the greater the chance, if you have a very unique idea, might as well apply for.
Fenjiu to peonalization wine businessSend to relatives, friends, classmates, custome and represent Historically, Chinese gift webex In the increasingly fierce competition in the situation, in order to better occupy the market share, peonalized service is very important.
Led by joint panama expo 1915 award-winning wine, to participate in the expo 2015 milan, Italy, etc.
The weibo content did not disclose the specific cooperation, only from the figure, the industry of people believe that it is possible to launch on OPPO N1 Pepsi customized machine, but is actually true and the specific ways of cooperation, Pepsi and OPPO official are a positive respoe.
Business custom gifts to creative is not expeiveIn recent yea, ordinary Chinese gift webex LAFAVIERE Chinese gift webex Welfare gift policy very emphasis on Old people need most is someone attention to oneself, actually I think it will make your grandma and grandpa was very happy and comfort.
Business gifts is a kind of targeted advertising and sales promotion mea, and the mass media advertising, the company no matter size, expect their complimentary gift is regarded as private property, to eure that the behavior of the gifts to achieve the desired purpose, this includes a selection object, according to the different object determines what gift, whether peonality customization on gifts made above, when and how to distribute the gift, etc.
If you choose the gifts to the Indian friends food pay attention to the packing, the Hindu religious taboo eat the food of othe touched, not even in the same container with other people get food to eat, so in general, less as far as possible to send food or food properly packaged and will be sent to be less prone to erro.