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Work in the field of culture Mr Wang became the fit use of chengdu, he wants to use his own wedding photos to make a card for the wife, guangzhou post after receive the WeChat information, printed by the background, and affix the postmark, is expected to hope can send his wife.
Custom jewelry line gradually its way in ChinaWhen domestic company can really do this, gift market is a strong peonality, industry development prospects are very coiderable, the key is the enterprise to how to perfect the industry, gift custom, enterprise itself should also have creativity and cohesion, to expand the company s development space.
According to introducing, ENZO were the pionee of the colored gems, although only 10 yea of history, but because of its founder, is Chinese, from Brazil and Brazil is the color of mining, therefore, to master a lot of stone color treasure, and hired the world s most famous designe, both in the design, cutting and production has a high level, therefore, ENZD in color treasure jewelry brand reputation, many young white-collar is its loyal fa, as ENZO ENZOORO brand high-end membe of the club, as well as Lawrence group s core products and enterprise concept, it is available for the color treasure lover, high-end clubs tasting communication and cultural hub with a colored stone, and the club focus on display many ENZO collection level stone for jewelry love tasting, and at the same time provide private custom services, designed by the designer directly communicate with membe, 1 according to individual be fond of and emotional needs, present a perfect design, all make the continuity of senior individuality jewelry, in addition, ENZOORO is to provide a VIP membe to enjoy close service, luxury business generation driving, global trip to choose goods, such as multiple VIP treatment.
April 23 Chinese gift webex Smart devices within this decade development, the storage space is growing, many one thousand yuan machine currently on the market already have at least 32 gb of memory space, two thousand yuan of above basic are up to 64 gb, 128 gb and 256 gb, even some super this little also not 256 gb hard drive storage!Te of thousands of yuan gold e-cigarettes amazing magic all people who flocked to electronic cigarettes in July show tideSecond is apricot flowe, about apricot flowe, said to bract, red in color, fade after opening, to have pure white.
The fit: wear around their necks hang drop.
In the singles day send a gift to the boyFor the sake of maintaining ecological environment, the protection of rare animals, don t give those items in the international community.
Hubei province tea association secretary-general ZongQingBo analysis, with the coming of the What is a good New Year gift to the customer to sendThis will give us put forward such an interesting question: what is success of gift products business model?In the foreign exchanges gifts, still need to be pay attention to