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Individual household custom 3.
0 eraHousehold custom differentiation eraIn the online cosmetics company Birchbox experience reporter saw in the store, there are a small dose of beauty and cosmetics for men s suits, sells for $20, suit including shaving cream, oil-free moisturizing cream, hand cream, man perfume and tie clips, the fit four products unit price range from $10 to $84.
A year more than 300, ten thousand people a day in the birthday, 400 Wan Xiheng into college, western festival, a traditional festival, pouring advocates originality and the puuit of individual peonality is becoming more and more need to present situation also more and more: birthday, wedding anniveary, children age, freshmen enrolled, memorial, teacher s day, father s day, mother s day, Christmas, New Year s day, valentine s day, there are other, travel, peonal creative collection, etc.
And a shop selling custom graduation ring has been on sale more than 1500 gold MEDALS, the store s owner, ZhiJiang liquor on custom wine development space, have begun from the liquor body design to product modeling, packaging design, endowed with culture connotation, omni-directional to provide peonalized service for custom and collecto, therefore, Chen Hongwei also led to nine source packaging products company, research the bearing design of private custom need, and has set up a successful launch of In addition to manual mode, you can also choose the Orb in the system automatically adjust the pattern, can be in your room simulation day sunrise and suet and illumination changes, very suitable for lighting is bad room and want to go abroad to jet lag.
Many pregnant women due to the excessive intake of eggs and milk fat or the fetus is too big, and walnut give pregnant women the most efficient nutrition supply, 500 grams of walnuts contain nutritional value is equivalent to 2500 grams of eggs or 4500 grams of milk contai nutritional value.
7, let the children learn to undetand the intention behind the gift, rather than the price of the gift itself or style.
Grocery store the shopkeeper looked very lovely eyes, he likes to collect a few small things, but he doesn t like to hold pillow pillow to liking is less, so we can give him the super lovely pendant and panda toy, also can give him some wood.
Fan house boss usually have a lovely girl, have a veion attribute, but is allergic to perfume, so we can give her something to eat, such as itant noodles, sashimi, the rabbit food.
Second, the function is relatively single, simple operation;Stopped pushing of gifts to each other s children say: Key chain is very often advertising gift, don t even need to spend too much of the budget, people usually use the promotion of key chain, so it is more practical, t-shirts and hats is a bit expeive, but it is worth the investment, because the clothing class gifts, they usually wear outside, and the people around you can easily see the company s name and logo, they are like a walking billboard function.
Government show the gift again, also need good workmahip and quality, especially the common memory of pe, sticky notes this stationery gift, otherwise let visito get a could not write a word mark pen, would be an embarrassing things.
Delicate zipper, not hurt hands;Chinese common kite, erhu, flute, seal, calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, chopsticks, tea, once in the hands of foreigne tend to be popular and homespun values.
How to make gift business activities