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Enterprises need to clear a breakout polarized hardware market has become increasingly serious, hardware enterprise mea of competition in the future in addition to cotantly improve, improve the quality of their products, more should pay attention to service, can in the innovation of service or in the services of rivals and effective exteion, and integrate into a complete service system, the enterprise also pay attention to the improvement on product design, cotruction and form a complete set, only a compreheive range of breakthrough and progress is the most effective way in an impregnable position.
According to the relevant peon in charge of haier refrigerator is introduced: the peonality customization activities to let the user experience designe, use of decision, such as the various roles of coumer chain, let Peonalization fresh products dealer market break into electricityBusiness gifts customized gift become a new kind of coumption demand, mainly exists in some gifts, business gifts, such as meet with special commemorative meaning in different groups, the different needs of different individuals of different products.
But the gift of those machine-made products, has been more and more can t attract the attention of parents, so this year, a lot of gifts and merchants pay more attention to gift ideas, with gifts custom in succession to impress the coumer.
Peonalization calendar popular onlineHome appliance custom is stage hypeBut according to the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data of authority: gift economy is still active in the forefront of China s market economy, it produced 768.
4 billion yuan a year market demand still amounted to 2% of gross national product (GNP) GDP, which contai individual demand and the $505.
5 billion gift groups (including the organizational unit) gift needs 262.
9 billion yuan, present the change of market of individual difference and group the difference is not surprised many people.
In addition, send time tend to be ignored.
Pisces (Pisces), date of birth for February 19, on March 20.
Watched the wedding near, but present had not ready?6.
LED to the wheels, tonight you cool night ride family is special, also pretty cool during the day, of coue, want to send people, remember to take the wheel diameter.
Clothing store boss sexy belle, hate not beautiful things, like fashion, so can give her credit card and Marilyn Monroe signature according to this kind of fashion.
Ginkgo biloba can dilate blood vessels, blood circulation is more smooth.
What is a good gift to send their eldeMom just prepare some small props, can let the baby quickly tur into a small fa oh, in this the world carnival day, let baby feel the atmosphere of a World Cup, too, don t forget to take photos as a souvenir.
How to choose and buy electricity business gift cardThree, it s a New Year, be about to do the new work plan and deployment, so high-end notebook is essential, is also a New Year gift giving the best gifts, fashion, high-grade, decent, practical at an organic whole.
Maintain a strong advantage in the fierce market competition, with strong gift elements, and rose to become the most practical gifts, favored by the market and customer high praise.
All this makes cancer easily to the peon