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Network according to the present undetanding, the Shapeways website, added to the use of 14 k yellow gold 3 d printing customized service, we all know that gold is one of the precious metal value degree is very high since ancient times, is also to the hard currency of the circulation in the world, also has the more tired the jeweler now turning to 3 d printing, and then to print customized precious metal jewelry.
American electric dealer market popular Brand tea companies into the chests custom of teaPrivate custom must be built on the basis of large-scale production development, the benefits of 180000 looks beautiful, in the short term there may be many of his pee to follow, but excessive magnificence washed after this foundation or feet on the ground to follow the law of things development to go forward, we encourage innovation, mode and the timely feedback of market demand and supplement, but don t press the wrong card because of speculation, the so-called spoiler easy, palm bureau, and selling and cherish it.
Price, end to high-end, from low-end, style, from modern, fashion to the style of the ancients, contracted, purposes, vacuum pot from children, students, bachelor mug to middle-aged and old health cup, etc.
, function, from the sports bottle, intelligent electric kettle to ecological keep-warm glass brand and so on, almost within each segment, all have the corresponding cup pot of corresponding products, brand or enterprise to find out a pieceHigh-end gifts customized future market prospects for developmentLai will store before the opening scene, Mary ping decorated romantic and warm outdoor lawn, let people copy is like place oneself in a couple of outdoor wedding, every custome into the store, buy are subject to the professional, enthusiastic reception, introduce Mary from one to one, custom culture to introduce jewelry, accompanied by choosing naked drill.
Taste: sparkling rice wine, with lovely bubble in glass, mouth also have bubble but in the sip a small mouth, lips, the wine is placed under the tongue, refreshing wine moderate but bubbles kept playing a character, happiness is disturbed, the tongue of the crisp shuang losts its beauty.
Spring, warm warm sun, soft light rain, it is very comfortable.
Fourth, intelligent health butler, analyze your movement data, detection of sleep, sedentary remind, escort for your health;Mymiss believe that the star of good fortune always smile at people who are belong to the sheep, because of the people of the sheep heart pure, kind-hearted, belong to the sheep people often because of elegant, caring for people and being praised, let Mymiss 5.
Waterproof notepad, toilet ipiration recorder how much you have in mind when in the bath, dry the body after forget?Reporter found in big profit experience pavilion tea han street, big profit this year gift tea packaging novel, a prototype is pressed into chocolate shape cooked pu-erh tea products.
1, collectivization, the scale is the basic trend of modern enterprise.
Go home often, parents probably don t care about your gift at home, but you have to let parents know your mind, gift is not expeive, is sweet.
6, if it is a good siste that kind of friends, you can buy the old covered 4 times, red curtain, etc.
Do the gift planning need to undetand the needs of buye and sellePeonal customized products refe to: to give important objects, with the object name, Chinese zodiac, birthday, specially selected for features such as image, be fond of or design of products.