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In addition to the logistics system developed, make custom water can be sent to all parts of the country.
Le wu said, according to the character of gift production extended cycle generally in 10-20%, that is, an originally 15 days even 18 days to produce the arrival of the gift, now generally need 22-24 days, the time requirements for those gifts the arrival of the goods strictly commemorative gifts, promotional advertising gift, you need to booked much earlier, gift companies don t easily promised delivery date, be sure to leave enough stock up time, be prepared gifts delivery cycle.
Corporate gift custom, in accordance with the purposes can be divided into the anniveary celebration, the enterprise annual meeting, promotional gifts, employee benefits, reward authorization, foreign exchanges.
Gifts custom is to choose need gifts template, and then select the gift of materials, and design a certain pattern and text, peonalized creativity into the method of making the unique gifts, use can customize in the relevant website custom gifts, such as: mugs, hold pillow, crystal, stationery, toys and other items, printed their favorite pattern and text, and confirm the order, these sites can gift renderings of the user design into a finished product individuation, and delivery to the appointed place according to the requirements of use.
On the choice, the daily gift often can not meet the requirements of corporate gifts, the simplest solution is, gave the task to upstream manufacture plan, the optimal scheme, combined with the status of the enterprise and customer characteristics, customize your own creative gift.
Now Microsoft and tencent WeChat team has not reached a business cooperation, but Microsoft has said, because the second generation of small ice The reporter undetands, many young people are willing to spend money to buy such a wake-up call, Senyuan SAN miguel USES the local rich metasilicate, strontium and other mineral mountain spring and optimizing nutritional health matter content is high, the medicine food homology of cordyceps militaris strai as raw material, USES the independent innovation SY5265 fermentation technology, through the aseptic cold ca of canned equipment.
Royal orchid gift: you is world April dayOn January 21, 2016, royal orchid flowe gift box Aquarius is launched, you can be in royal orchid gifts have great mall (Junlan_WineCustom) order.
In girl s point of view, we summed up several more classic gift to you, for your reference only.
Under the dome of health gift to sendSend relatives and friends: the victor family network camera, wireless camera, mobile phone remote monitoring, don t lag behind, smart cameras, every family need this!Minnan exquisite gifts more careful wrong cause troubleColleagues get married Chinese gift webex Child full moon blessed gift: a gift with prayer implication is the most suitable to send child the gift of the full moon, legend jade channel, is the child s spirit, jade, jade Buddha, jade guanyin, jade bracelet is choice, child full moon wine to remember not to buy some baby clothes, or milk powder in children, such as general parents about their children s food, have a strict, send the bad, may affect friends feelings, especially when newborn children.
As people s Chinese gift webex Welfare gifts enterprises how to chooseSuch as some fragile, the deformation of perishable products, had better not choose.