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This part is set up, is because of the video has been a sharp increase of self-control over the past two yea, and with 4 a (the American association of advertising agencies) by making the content to make money, the content of the video platform to make itself does not make money, its positioning, mainly in the service of video the marketing platform.
Hidden love wedding photography in addition Taiwan exclusive brigade kenting base, also introduced a handmade custom wedding dress, more than a dozen senior stylist custom tailor the scene.
Current Project Ara website has been officially accepted to apply for, if you are a interested in the Project develope, will have the opportunity to the development of Project Ara phones, although relatively open application mode, but in the end only a few people can be drafted by Google, according to the display of the page, the more divee your experience, module concept is good, then you are invited to participate in the development of the greater the chance, if you have a very unique idea, might as well apply for.
Project Ara mobile phone is a new concept, through this Project, people are free to choose want parts, makes the Four big bottleneck restricting industrialization of customized giftsAt present a lot of gifts company with the custom simplified, think the shell or on the packaging of the product in simple on the customer s LOGO is custom, is a professional gift customization should be divided into appearance, packaging, content, four aspects of custom, and the whole process to achieve the above four aspects to customize, and it s not that simple.
China is the world s largest smartphone market, many manufacture are special favor a particular type of configuration is eight core chip, it is not common in other countries.
Fit of all, its operation is simple, the itallation of seconds to fit, friendly interface, the old man child can easily play.
Royal orchid gift: your Mid-Autumn festival gift box, I prehistorical poweend the old man: drops click the old emergency calls, an emergency call in time, every moment care for the elderly, or not forget oh intelligent electronic timing kit, to give parents the most thoughtful gift: remind parents to take medicine on time accurately.
Today is teache day to recommend to you a few gifts to the teacher, unique taste, flavor of the atmosphere, most conforms to the teacher s temperament.
At the end of time, Chinese gift webex Handbag and pue are born for the ladies, have you noticed on the streets of all kinds, women of all ages, hand the mets have a fashionable bag or bags, tote bags to choose sturdy, want to aesthetic appearance, at the same time give female colleague bag should be a shoulder bag or bag, don t give too much, otherwise, is you let her go when shopping crazy?4 let mobile phone gift charismaticBut no matter how much the gifts of varieties have the choice of the gift is essentially unchanged.