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Haikou compreheive free trade zone with special policies to build high-end merchandise display platform, international commodity exhibition trading center, which opened in March with a total cotruction area of 3300 square mete, the fit floor is mainly used for imported wine sales, nearly 2000 varieties;[Chinese gift webex] business gifts in the process of development, many manufacture improve the enterprise system of different agents, agents can see, enterprise in addition to the interests of the agent, as well as for distributo and coume, especially some attention on the brand cotruction, the agent for the full support of the store image, style and reasonable layout of the shop, and guide meticulous products, reflect the culture of the enterprise and brand is not as well as the credibility of carbon carving products, everyone should undetand the marketing system is not perfect, only better, selle of manufacture to provide sales system has also been gradually improve and keep improving.
At present, most of the customization enterprise provide products mainly household daily, cup, prints, accessories, stationery, shoes and hats, sanitary ware and other products, including the new custom picture, character series, ethnic handicrafts, are largely can satisfy coumer needs, but needs to be enriched, cotantly meet coumer.
Three major problems restricting household gifts customized fall to the groundOver 25, dresser always up on a few of eye frost, can stay up late, after all, age is gone forever.
Product has good health care, health effect, after can fill the blank of the edible fungus functional series drinks on the market.
On modern tall intelligent warehouse, high automation solutio, together makes the flatter the supply chain, on the safety, efficiency, compared to traditional storage much higher.
Gifts to send health, 2017 Shanghai gift show lead healthy life new trendPedestria wu great come and go, laughing all the way.
Marca dragon warm hand touch screen is the treasure switch, hand can fever, a smart warm hand, added a few minutes of decorative marca dragon, nice warm and sweet, don t do the suhine boy like central air conditioning, warm wind blowing around, only to a peon is warm warm oh.
The warmth of times gift: men and women on the tableMore grow up more undetand Chinese gift webex This year two Chinese gift webex What gift for a child s full moon occasion?But now the gifts are the same, in addition to office supplies is a variety of furnishing articles, meaning and use are not, and no characteristic, the following Chinese gifts small make up recommend a few special led gifts.
Gift companies to improve sales, a train of thought is to get coume to buy more, another idea is to let coume to buy more expeive.