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Peonalization changes the traditional industry supply chainBrand tea companies into the chests custom of teaLook from the century kaiyuan customization platform custom market in China1, enterprise can according to your request to customize, and corporate gifts customized tend to be uniform production and processing, spray print ads, etc.
, so gifts are relatively uniform, no any gap, if buy from retaile, because a lot of the goods is not complete, when restocking because stock how many will there are some differences between different batches.
For couples, an ordinary gift with your design and the thought becomes a unique significance of peonality presents, peonalization gifts can not only satisfy giver send gifts, and the unique creative surprise gifts and recipients are more likely to feel its unique meaning and giver.
Over 25, dresser always up on a few of eye frost, can stay up late, after all, age is gone forever.
Now all sorts of lamps and lanter is more and more the intelligence, the remote control can be said to be the basic elements, many intelligent also joined the color of the regulating function of lamps and lanter, color can be set according to the atmosphere.
And good products, can be seen in the process.
Pedometer: can record every steps taken, analysis of energy coumption, not only can let a peon about their exercise, some also urge to develop the habit of walking more, is very good a health gift.
New Year gift collection: fancy the sample situationForget yea of pu-erh tea in hubei province general agent Yu Zhu even told reporte that this year s Mid-Autumn festival gifts, many people choose to send tea, pu er and lapsang souchong, eyebrow Mr.
Jin and other black tea sales are good, almost sold out of stock, because tea has the health care keeping in good health effect, is never bad moon cakes.
Recommend gift 3: smooth white jade penjing , the longer the duration of the gift, the longer the customer will remember your company, like a pen, key chai, coffee mugs, calendar, refrigerator magnets, gifts U disk, etc.
, it not only last forever, but the gift is often necessary to see, and use the gift of many times a day.
Type 2, decoration, desk calendar, plutus cat mascot (similar to what there are cattle, sheep), crystal decoration, etc.
Two kinds of methods to refuse to accept the giftWhether it is a wedding gift, birthday gift, or the Spring Festival gifts, holiday gifts, give leadehip gifts as express their feelings, deepen a method of communication and exchanges with othe, is a kind of feeling and see of mutual fusion, can express their feeling, when give leadehip gifts, but also pay attention to in future work, in the past our deficiency in the work of the communication, not only deepened the feelings, but also provides reference for their future work direction.
For gift with characteristic of traditional culture, culture, and has the collection value, more yea of precipitation, virtually out of one of a kind of good taste and culture.