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Use of 3 d printing gold is not Shapeways special secrets, more and more companies to develop the special technology of 3 d printing gold, located in the United States Somerville, a jewelry design company in Nervous System, 3 d printing out a Kinematics of 18 k gold gold bracelet.
This year s year-end gift to choose?Customize this gift facto should be coideredCustom designed for the specific needs of coume and wine body, full of strong individual character color, also have commemorative collection value, gradually become a market trend.
In a chain of wine custom wine variety, have wedding custom, entrance xie wine, wine full moon wine such as wine, birthday, also has a big customer for enterprise custom wine, enterprise s name and logo are printed on the label even declaration of corporate culture.
Sagittarius symbol for the Sagittarius arrows, return to the simple form of pictographic;Digital gifts the complete dear friends don t have to worry aboutGifts of wine in the circle of friends to open the marketHow to improve brand value through advertising, giftDinner if you are a millionaire businessman, you should invite her on valentine s day dinner, is of coue the candlelight dinner, that still use to say?Suggest to buy a lucky bamboo or evergreen to grandma, I wish he wealth longevity, as the saying goes, old heart empty, when reach, it is always empty in the heart, don t know what to do, loneliness arises spontaneously, send some to trim the tree ah of what, can let her spend time, also can coider to buy a radio almost gave her, the old man prefer these things, the radio also belongs to the nostalgia of the class gift, and channel band at any time can be like you listen to, such as summer sit on cany chair, repose, listening to the song, what a leisurely.
The cautio of gift-giving between enterprisesThe fit part, is the enterprise some souveni for ladies and gentlemen, in honor of the company opening ceremony that the big day, at the same time promote your own company;Since as a gift is the thermos flask, its product quality must be high, according to expert introduction, gift custom business such as employee benefits gifts batch purchasing custom keep-warm glass products are high-grade bladder and exquisite workmahip, appearance is delicate and do not break nobility, and necessities of life, reduce the distance of the enterprise and the customer, in addition to the gift itself, also with a concern.
So in promotion gifts company must remember an old saying goes: