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Some analysts pointed out that industry: in the hardware industry, brand awareness is higher the maitream brands, as well as some low price products by coume love degree is increasingly protruding, gradually occupy about 80% of the coumer market, and the middle-level coume are increasingly small space between the two.
Was born as people coumption idea of industry, is the demand of The Times, is the development trend of advocating peonality, have to admit that peonalization gifts gifts will be the industry s most influential business model.
Peonalization calendar popular onlineGift custom, as it were, in a circle.
And children together to create a unique programming robot, is both a novelty gift, is more efficient.
Royal orchid present in the original design of joint kyushu spend the Aries gift box, platycodon grandiflorum, jinhui rose, the peony, lesser hoeshoe, big flower whelan, five says, only to express: simple as I loved you enough to, 750 ml of gold foil sparkling wine from Spain, 5.
5% vol alcohol, slightly sweet taste, shaking the enthusiasm of the surge of light gold to represent Aries never depart.
Early a few yea, children like clothing, stationery, sporting goods, is the fit choice for parents to send their children gift, now the children s Once again, enough creativity!4.
Walnut, walnut contain omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for the heart, it s in cancer prevention, enhance memory, improve sleep quality, and the effect is also very significant in bone health.
Sudden price, the quality of the products will be questioned, coume must also not welcome, but is likely to cut the integrity of the brand, a gift industry experts believe that in the present market competition, the second - and third-tier brand to recognize their own position of the target population, cannot be easily follow suit, with good quality and valuation, Not only of great significance and spend less, filial piety is not actually want to spend how many money, the key is to look at the gift to have meaning, such a book can recall the rest of my life, and old people like to recall the previous yea, every year to the parents to do a, straight up more meaningful, grandpa s birthday to send what gift?The cautio of gift-giving between enterprisesGive leadehip gifts to special pointChinese culture has a long history, every dynasty temperament and cultural style is different, art the most can reflect unique qualities of each stage, the tang dynasty s elegant, elegant refined, the yuan dynasty to song dynasty, the atmosphere, Ming dynasty literati gas and so on, each picture is a reflection of a piece of history.
Ready to advance publicity to build atmosphere after the promotion plan to determine the best gift company for more than a week, in the early target custome can learn activities discount store view product, leading one wait activity time comes, clinch a deal can be concentrated.