Yesterday, the reporter visited the city several office stationery shops and compreheive wholesale markets, found in the sale of calenda, desk calendar, few and far between, only sales of two type single also.
When domestic company can really do this, gift market is a strong peonality, industry development prospects are very coiderable, the key is the enterprise to how to perfect the industry, gift custom, enterprise itself should also have creativity and cohesion, to expand the company s development space.
From the practice, if the business gifts with peonalized, its effects are: recipients feel giver for his attention and affection, the in the mind is very touched.
But according to the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data of authority: gift economy is still active in the forefront of China s market economy, it produced 768.
4 billion yuan a year market demand still amounted to 2% of gross national product (GNP) GDP, which contai individual demand and the $505.
5 billion gift groups (including the organizational unit) gift needs 262.
9 billion yuan, present the change of market of individual difference and group the difference is not surprised many people.
Appeared in the market, thus, the custom of peonalized high-end bags this service, and to carry bags, luggage, briefcase, these three categories of products, coumption levels differ in thousands ways, custom market also presents the characteristics of diveity, custom is a peonal aesthetic habits and the combination of the brand style, its root lies in the inherent habit unwilling to change in the coumer, the readjustment of the design process, coume involved in the design, make the bags products more in line with the individual be fond of, is different.
When prices rise, are rushing to buy itead, rush on form.
Royal orchid gift: your Mid-Autumn festival gift box, I prehistorical poweNext, let us together and see it!Reading age 25 young women temperament and is suitable for the coumption of luxury brand bags at this stage have?To dress woman really love show conjugal love couples, whether love die fast, in the field of affection, there is no better than couples dress things, to win a woman s heart like sweethearts outfit, couples are shoes, hand ring, couples are mobile phones, on the table.
Hunan gome marketing staff Xu Qin said, most coume are bought to the elderly.
If the friend s peonality is tender and charming girl, she will be more pay attention to the meaning of the gift, rather than the gift itself, can make them feel happy and sweet feeling of gifts to more appropriate, can take on behalf of the marriage at this moment, happy for a long time of a wedding gift to send, for example in extremely good fortune couple cup is a very good gifts, glass auspicious festive longfeng as decoration, toAll in all, the government show gift though small in size and low cost, but because of its wide coverage, and shoulder the task of the propaganda enterprise image, absolutely cannot small gaze.
But no matter how much the gifts of varieties have the choice of the gift is essentially unchanged.