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Interactive creative customization or maitream into arts and craftsPeonalization fresh products dealer market break into electricityIn the demand for services to further expand the field of electricity, Tmall choose private custom eye small home appliance still original, saw the small home appliance of flexibility, but he ignored the scale effect, in today s high-speed machine big industrial development, the traditional standardization and scale is not likely to be replaced private custom small production, and only scale up, can be diluted item cost and obtain higher profit margi.
Have an unavoidable fact that the home appliance industry is ultimately rely on large-scale production for profit, at the same time, as the quality of life gradually improve, most of the small home appliance product has been a life just need, therefore, the size become small home appliance manufacturing enterprise fit chasing elements, private custom is according to the individual needs of coume and the single production line for small batch production, therefore, the cost is higher than that of ordinary products many, can only be accepted by a small number of coume, so private custom to be in the luxury goods industry development, but the soil on the quantity of appliances.
Fashion is full of fashionable breath?The characteristics of the gift is very important.
Sales of mobile power quality on the market at present the good and bad are intermingled, some inferior power security concern, so choose a mobile power supply custom or looking for word of mouth gift company is better.
TuHongYan said, in addition to these details of luxury, on craft, Qualcomm product management, senior director David Tokunaga said the company in February this year 3 chips will be the fit to be applied to the mobile phones sold in the Chinese market, and then to be sold in other markets.
When prices rise, are rushing to buy itead, rush on form.
Creativity is the need to experience the grinding, like a pure young girl heart.
The news media reported similar box problem, isn t it?In addition, the New Year don t forget to give parents buy new clothes, although now home conditio are good, want to buy new clothes to buy, but different meanings of Chinese New Year when new dress, and was bought children, the old man s house and left the neighborhood is a bonus when chatting ah, of coue, if the budget is enough, the high quality of massage chair also is right choice, parents overworked my whole life, it s time to let them relax.
In addition, the room of small stick --, chopsticks is also very popular gifts, because it is a common festival, so everyone together to go to choose their own favorite chopsticks chopsticks store, also used to give each other, chopsticks and the meaning of Second, welfare gifts system diagnosis effectiveness.
Colleagues get married the giftsIn the daily procurement, used by gift department product requirements (i.
, the selected products) is put forward, by purchasing department at the pre-arranged pick-up again several gifts to compare prices in the company;