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In April this year, hefei univeity of technology ititute of intelligent manufacturing technology, the launch of cotruction which is high-tech zone after USTC ititute of advanced technology, the introduction of cotruction and a high-end collaborative innovation platform, and as a top ititute of intelligent manufacturing technology, hefei intelligent manufacturing added innovation It is undetood that the starting model is a Double 11 closest to chop hand strategy SNP love bird s nest firming eye creamFive, intelligent, mobile phone is more than 5 mete, wrist watch watch vibration remind, henceforth no longer to find a mobile phone.
Midea air-conditioning reputation chi series 1, to display the air conditioning energy coervation province electricity technology to the incisively and vividly, make best energy-saving air conditioning;Will present problems on the phone told the old classmates, old classmate suddenly awakened, recalls that day she bought this box is rush for things, because it is in a shop to buy her familiar, so she did not open the contents carefully check, make an apology to me over and over again, old classmates the phone but I feel a bit embarrassed.
COACH, contracted fashion double zipper lady handbag leather COACH from birth to now, is a luxury brand in the end, its orientation is to afford luxury, the luxury brand bags exquisite leather sewing process and wear-resistant smooth beige leather were never lose international fit-line brand strength, which contracted white handbag solid work, fine leather, simple design, is the fit choice for young women luxuries pack primer.
Which is at the end of the trip, set to elde and friends take some!The Mid-Autumn festival approaching, Chinese gift webex How to realize the maximization of welfare gifts benefitsRecommend gift 3: smooth white jade penjing Child full moon blessed gift: a gift with prayer implication is the most suitable to send child the gift of the full moon, legend jade channel, is the child s spirit, jade, jade Buddha, jade guanyin, jade bracelet is choice, child full moon wine to remember not to buy some baby clothes, or milk powder in children, such as general parents about their children s food, have a strict, send the bad, may affect friends feelings, especially when newborn children.
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