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What is a good gift to the customer to sendStationery shop how to handle sales in the off-seasonProperty of gift choice: in recent yea, housing prices are rising, housing prices and people s income gap is more and more big, everyone wants to have a belong to oneself of house, but increasingly high house prices make people, so many real estate companies, when opened, will make bleeding in the world, how many square mete at a discount, buy or have bought a house with friends or relatives to have gifts to send, so the real estate enterprise to gift is want to broken head, actually the property of gift is also very good choice, we must fit clear the company s budget, this is the most important, the choice of gift to conform to the company s budget, in the circumstance of economic recession, large-scale activities, try not to do not waste money, according to the price range points, advertising promotional gifts for the real estate industry: 1.
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