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Network custom mooncake is expected to be a salesDesign - quick print guest will typing will do online DIY design system at present, the quick print guest dangdang launched flagship store opening kick off If you want to Chinese gift webex Peonalization gifts of valuesGifts company in practice summarizes gift planning five points: 1, should have novelty gift: tracking the latest trends of the gift, novelty gifts to left a deep impression to the customer.
Peonalization gifts emphasized individuality, it is the product s peonality, said styles are many types of products, to fresh.
Almost in every segment, have corresponding cup pot or the corresponding product, enterprises want to find a Royal orchid gift: you is world April day2, double water quality, two choices, practical and convenient;4.
Australia lavender bear bear is derived from the Australia a lavender filling natural lavender can bear heat fragrance, dried flowe and wheat produced by Australia s big lavender farm lavender bear fit appeared in the public eye began in 2008, the idea comes from the Australian intelexgroup doll company cozyplush series products, the company is committed to research and development dolls, invented in 1997, the world s fit microwave oven to heat the plush toys.
Corporate gifts the second step: health is the absolute principle, fashion can show heart more, what our traditional LaoSanJian like alcohol, tobacco, such as modern enterprise is not recommended to send, you figure is Mid-Autumn festival reunion, the figure is family health, smoke wine non-health gifts are not suitable for Mid-Autumn festival, the warm holiday gift suggestion enterprise Mid-Autumn festival gift choice nowadays popular health food, this way of giving more and more get the favour of enterprises lies in the recipient was not only the health and fashion, but also the hearts of the giver.
Take a look at the gifts under the small make up recommend a few to the client s New Year s day gift.
Develop custome, create demand, down the str etch, so that we can do through customer, has the development, pay attention to the company, custome deep demand so that we didn t have a better development of the industry.
, procurement Fang Chengli by purchasing charge, the department manager, gift commission co-chaired, use of department and other peo on supplier qualification evaluation, evaluation use separate, then take the method of average evolution, the ipection peonnel generally for 5 to 7 people.
Season of promotional gift selection skills