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Custom pattern already was not a new game, in the face of increasingly mature underwriting custom, Tmall to survive in the cracks, open Three main attention individuality present customCurrent seasonal gifts more and more, but the real research, most present practical and popular dual effect, in which a small gift a cup on the whole.
Some corporate gift buye said, Companies rely on promotion to drive sales?Before this, ZhiJiang liquor according to the market need, also tried to mass production and sales of custom wine, successively has hubei univeity of technology, wuhan air force, jingzhou, hubei YuMi Towhip group a large number of enterprises and ititutio such as the hong akira garment company make ZhiJiang wine more than 10000 cases in one hundred, schindler 30 anniveary celebratio, ZhiJiang 600 bottles of wine made specially for the enterprise and tailored to the celebration reception with wine - one hundred ZhiJiang chu of rhyme, the customization product wine boxes, bottles with bright red color, and hot stamping on Function, from the sports bottle, intelligent electric kettle to ecological keep-warm glass brand and so on.
Third, the battery life of about 1 year, help you get rid of a charging everyday;MCM classic fashion black tangerine one shoulder bag is familiar with MCM this luxury brand bags of young women all know, it s fashion with the germa in the unique and lively shape design and European romantic colour, the black tangerine single shoulder bag positive splice site, cassia leaves and diamond logo are perfect match!2, the wind of traditional (traditional Chinese wedding pure gold furnishing articles) in Europe in modern society, more and more people are willing to return to the traditional way of marriage: heaven and earth as the medium, a hall with high ceiling relatives and friends to witness, also experience through to the ancient wedding grand see, of friends through the wedding, send a traditional wedding pure gold furnishing articles, add an expeive gas for their wedding and elegance, tianya moon at this time, only human good marriage thing, send good wishes to the happy couple![Chinese gift webex] looking for a professional painter, let he drew a with a black and white sk etch or dark brown color you like, and then in a silver frame, sent to him, let him on the desk, or find a nice photo album, filled with his silhouette - he is much more seitive than you might think.
The card, not the so-called holiday CARDS, but a greeting card, can the card background printed advertising apartments, increase awareness, card can convey notice body, all the best blessing, learning progress, can be used widely.
Such as some fragile, the deformation of perishable products, had better not choose.
At this moment, if someone gave out a customized peonalized products, so the donee affirmation will be particularly remember the heart.
Business gifts is that the government and enterprises and ititutio in foreign public relatio or events, guests are met, in order to strengthen the affection between each other and enterprise or government cultural exchanges with other countries, the image display and given to the other side of the memorial gift.