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Let s look at, the individuality present production enterprise need to pay attention to the custom three points, may suddenly look back, ignore them is a stumbling block to you.
Such as 3 d printing abroad Shapeways peonality customization website, is a set sales, customization, design in one site, use can buy can also their own design, not only can also upload their own desig to purchase product customization, on Shapeways, use can choose to use 30 to print a variety of different materials, such as ceramic, plastic and toughened glass, etc.
, it now has more than 30 products on the market with 100000 use.
At present, the jewelry industry has walked in the front, the treasure which net, Gemvara makes a batch of jewelry online customization, and shows the powerful online diy applicatio.
And gold, platinum and gold, jade and the best partner to colored gems.
Bags as a large supplies of the people s life, more and more get the attention of coume and love, as coume of aesthetic and quality enhances unceasingly, esteemed for bags with special needs high coumption crowd is becoming more and more widely, if able to customize a ego individual character, and can satisfy the need of daily special bags, luggage market will get a broader market space.
Spring, such as wine, anger deep cup, throwing ChunYan hold wine, long song did not rest, longing for love is like drunk, call Tuo capacity gradually, the spring sorrow for wine, not with the tongue.
Now that you have reflected to a party, but Practical gifts home appliances step 5: choose the new products, if you do present a gift to people you don t particularly undetand, then to his pick is particularly small home appliance, novel small home appliance home with less commonly, neither are prone to How to plan a good goodies for online time?Economists will before and after the holiday gifts called Christmas was coming, and Chinese gift webex Survey, choose the lowest proportion must bring a gift, the majority of people are rational and cautious attitude, whether or not to send a gift will be depending on the specific situation, that is because people, because of the things, because when, due to the ground, accordingly, whether or not to bring a gift for the guest come to visit the vast majority of people mentality is very gentle, don t mind and don t care the attitude of the majority.
Impossible in multiple aspects have an enterprise core competitiveness, therefore in the diveified development at the same time, most of the energy must be betting on with the relevant part of the business enterprise development core strategy, business leade, in particular, note that some seems to be very close to the business, but the connotation of core competence is far difference;Generally the wedding of a red envelope has a fixed format, the cover of the red envelope generally write To send gift to poor family economic conditio, try to choose partial practical things, because romantic cells had vanished in the trivial life, again beautiful candle than ordinary light bulbs, send gifts to family economic conditio good object, try to choose with emotional appeal, because the price is not a problem for them, have heart, taste is the most important.
The 21st century Chinese gift webex Business gifts to send out the desired effect[Chinese gift webex] business gift giving is an art, not a slanting, established rules of its own, at least we should pay attention to the following guidelines.